Chung Yu Alex Chen
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Illustrated Life at Method

Illustrated Life at Method

As a visual designer, I got the chance to do the illustrations celebrating cultural perspectives on different occasions at Method. Here is some of the work that I would love to share. 


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Method Farewell Posters

Method celebrates people who are going to start a new adventure. When working at Method, I volunteered to design the posters as a gift based on people's characteristics, impressions, and their stories at Method.

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Photo Styling and Photo Shooting

Besides creating the illustration, I also volunteer to help with Method marketing team to create contents for the social network post from the photo styling process to the shooting execution. 


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Method Make-Adapt-Grow Collaborated Poster

Make, adapt, and grow are three impotent spirits at Method.
This is a project that Method gathered people together to make the collaborated poster.
Each layer is contributed by different people at Method.

Blue,Make—Chung Yu Alex Chen
Orange,Adapt—Mike Anderson
Gray,Grow—Neil Nisbet
Motion Graphics—Chung Yu Alex Chen

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What does it feel to work at Method? What do people do? What is the culture like? It’s hard to depict these questions in few sentences. With illustration, it’s easier to tell a better story of how we work together, have fun together, and build the culture together at Method.



Illustration—Chung Yu Alex Chen