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Typeface One by One: Miller


Typeface One by One is a side project that was carried out by my friend, Lynn Lin and I. We wanted to practice using different typefaces or introducing the typefaces that we didn’t know or not familiar with to gain more knowledge about the huge world of typeface and typography. I think the relationship between typeface and a designer is really similar to ingredients and a chef: the more you know, the more chances you can deal with different situation by using different typefaces. So we hope that through sharing the posts not only we can bring more typeface knowledge and awareness to the public, but also get more chances to experience the expressions of various typefaces. 

Today we want to introduce Miller
This typeface is designed based on Scottish Style Serif, which has influenced strongly by the Transitional Serif, so it’s really easy to notice that the features of Miller have both the character of old style humanist feel and the clean and clear modern sense. Released in 1997 by the type foundry, Font Bureau, Miller’s variety of style changes and its great flexibility of display size for different titles or headlines, soon beloved by the publication and news industries. Miller started to be seen in numerous magazines and newspapers which need a sense of dignity or gravitas and used its voice to tell a great story.



他是一個依照蘇格蘭風格(Scotch Roman)設計的字型,因為蘇格蘭風格的字型深受過渡時期(Transitional Serif)的襯線字體影響(例如大家可能聽過的字型:Baskerville)所以在感覺上也有一種古早書寫風跟現代俐落感融合的感覺。Miller在1997年的時候由Font Bureau發表,因為他豐富的樣式變化,還有在標題字體呈現上同時有成熟穩重的骨感,也有搶眼的曲線,所以開始受到新聞以及需要份量感的新聞類出版品親睞。下次想找個有尊嚴感的字體嗎風骨感強烈的Miller說不定是一個很不錯的選擇。

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