Chung Yu Alex Chen
Everything converges.

NASA, The Next Giant Leap

NASA, The Next Giant Leap


To chose a defunct or dying brand and redesign its brand identity to fit a future vision. Researches about the brand history, analyze possible future audiences, and structure the future vision and brand direction. The main goal is to create a fresh visual identity which follows the soul of the brand and helps the brand to turn a new leaf for its new vision.




The brand that I chose was NASA. After the Space Race and Apollo Moon Landing Project, NASA started to lose its importance for the US government and in people’s minds. However, with the new goal of landing on Mars, the passion and desire of exploring space are being revived. And also, NASA needs a new identity to better reflect its current place and its future goal. I chose simplify the current “Meat Ball” logo and brings some sense of the classic “The Worm” logo. The idea is to show a sense of “The Next Giant Leap” in an abstract way, to reflect the soul of NASA which aims to “Reveal the unknown, reaching the new height and benefit all humankind.”


A School Project at Academy of Art University
Course—The Nature of Identity
Instructor—Hunter Wimmer
Category—Brand Identity, Logo Design, Manual Design
Year—Spring 2016