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MFA Thesis


A master’s thesis project is a year-long exploration of a chosen topic that identifies problems in the world. The purpose of the thesis is to find ways that graphic design can be used to address the problem and implement a possible solution that demonstrates unique design thinking. This includes a variety of in-depth research techniques, strategies, explorations, development and execution of deliverables.


I was intrigued by the topic of “How to encourage more people to read printed books.” After research and interviews, I found the most effective way to motivate people to read is to increase the sense of being connected to other people. So I created a share-economy based application which rebuilds the connection between books, social media, and people. The application is called Tome—a platform that connects real people to real books.


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A School Project at Academy of Art University
Course—Thesis 1,2,3
Instructor—Anthony Jagoda, Carolina de Bartolo, Dave Gottwald, Phil Hamlett
Category—Art Direction, UX/UI, User Research, Visual System
Year— Fall 2014–Fall 2015


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