Chung Yu Alex Chen

AudioCampo Mobile App Design

AudioCampo Mobile App Design


To create a mobile application that solves a particular problem. Demonstrate the ability to go through the UX/UI design process which includes conducting user research, generating the application concept, preparing various prototypes, user testing, and designing the application with one complete user flow.




The problem that I tackle is people in America spending too much time staring at the screens of their digital devices every day. Most of people spend hours browsing social feeds to gain the sense of being connected to other people. My design solution is to create an audio-based social media that encourages people to experience the world through sound. People can record an ambient sound of a special moment that they don’t want to forget, document, share, and also listen to other people’s recordings. I believe, with sound, everything becomes more intimate and people can enjoy the social network in another, perhaps more present and connected way.


A School Project at Academy of Art University
Course—Nature of Interaction
Instructor—Anne Kitzmiller
Category—UX/UI, Application Design, Visual System
Year—Fall 2015